What is Cosmelan?

Cosmelan is a professional depigmentation treatment, designed to drastically reduce the appearance of skin hyperpigmentation, including melasma. It also acts to inhibit the production of melanin to prevent the recurrence of new pigmentation.
The Cosmelan treatment consists of a combination of in salon treatments, as well as an essential homecare routine over an 8 week period.

What is involed in Cosmelan?

The first stage of Cosmelan is an in salon treatment, during which the active mask will be applied and left on your skin for 8-12 hours dependant on your skin type.
At this appointment, you will be given your homecare routine. It is imperative that this routine is strictly adhered to throughout the 8 weeks.
After 3 days you will return to the clinic to undergo a healing LED treatment and reparative mask. At this appointment, your therapist will introduce Cosmelan 2. This is your active at home product to be used throughout the remainder of the treatment period, and ideally into the future.
At both 4 and 8 weeks after the initial treatment, you will return to the clinic for an energy C treatment. This will replenish your skin with essential vitamins, and allow the therapist to assess the results so far.

What is included in the Cosmelan treatment?

In salon treatment inclusions:

  • Initial cosmelan treatment
  • LED healing treatment and reparative mask
  • 2 x Energy C treatments at 4 and 8 weeks

Homecare routine:

  • Hydra milk cleanser
  • Hydratonic
  • Cosmelan 2
  • Hydra-vital factor K
  • Melan recovery
  • Mesoprotech Melan 130 pigment control
  • Hydra-vital face mask

What is the downtime for the Cosmelan treatment?

We advise to choose a time when you do not have any significant social events for a few weeks after the commencement of the Cosmelan treatment.
Over the first 5 days possible side effects may include peeling, swelling, tightness, redness, irritation and stinging. These effects may last longer than 5 days depending on your skin type and pigmentation.

What results will be seen after the Cosmelan treatment?

As with all skin treatments, results will vary depending on individual skin types, type of pigmentation and how strictly the homecare routine is adhered to. Majority of clients will benefit from a drastic improvement in skin tone. If you are unsure what results to expect, please book a consultation with one of our therapists and they may be able to give you a better idea of what to expect.

Will Cosmelan work on melasma?

Melasma, commonly referred to as the mask of pregnancy, is seen as brown patches appearing on the face, particularly the forehead and cheeks, due to the hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy. Melasma is the most difficult type of pigmentation to treat, with the majority of products and treatments making little to no impact. However, Cosmelan has been specifically designed to target melasma and has been shown to drastically reduce the appearance.

Will the pigmentation come back after Cosmelan?

Cosmelan does target the melanocytes in the skin to inhibit melanin production, reducing the reappearance of pigmentation in the future. This unfortunately can not guarantee that no pigmentation will occur. It is essential to be diligent with sun protection and avoid sun exposure where possible as this is the biggest contributor to pigmentation. We recommend the continued use of the homecare routine, specifically Cosmelan 2, to maintain best results of the treatment.

Not ready to commit to the full Cosmelan treatment?

If you aren’t ready to commit to the full Cosmelan treatment due to downtime or costs, you can still gain some of the benefits from using the Cosmelan 2 homecare products.
Cosmelan 2 contains some of the same active ingredients as the in salon treatment, and will reduce your pigmentation with use.

How much does the Cosmelan treatment cost?

Cosmelan treatment costs between $1300-1800, depending on the package chosen. Homecare kit RRP $857. See price list below for details.


Energy C stand-alone treatment


Cosmelan treatment
Including home care kit and third day LED follow up


Cosmelan treatment
Including homecare kit, third day LED follow up, and 4th & 8th week Energy C follow up treatments



No packages available at the moment



No packages available at the moment



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