Hair extensions are the best way to create an instant change in your hair. They can add length and thickness, as well as being used to create highlights/lowlights and establish depth and dimension to your hair. Our hair extensions are 100% human remy hair.


1. Tape

Tape hair extensions are applied in thin segments and are applied flat against the hair with clear adhesive (where the name comes from!). These are perfect for finer hair types as they don’t cause too much tension and also are less visible!

Tape (half head)

from $350

Tape (full head)

from $600

Tape retightening (full head)


Tape retightening (half head)


Removing only, with wash (half head)


Removing only, with wash (full head)


Mini tape (half head)


Mini tape (full head)


Mini tape retightening (half head)


Mini tape retightening (full head)


Removing only, with wash (half head)


Removing only, with wash (full head)


Micro beads

Micro bead extensions is one of the classic and most popular ways of applying hair extensions. Individual 1g extensions are attached to the hair in small sections through discreet beads that are then clamped into place against the head, providing volume and length! There is no heat, or damaging tools used in the application process.

Micro beads (half head)

from $350

Micro beads (full head)

from $650

Micro beads re-tightened (half head)

from $200

Micro beads re-tightened (full head)

from $400

Removing only, with wash (half head)

from $100

Removing only, with wash (full head)

from $170


Razor Cut

from $20

Blow Dry

from $25

Beads with internal silicon

from $40

Hair length longer than 20″

from $30


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Sally G.
Visited this salon recently and absolutely loved the look of the salon, and being upstairs and off the street gives it an exclusive feeling. The sun room at the back is so nice, I had a tea while my colour was processing and enjoyed the view! The girls are super friendly and listened to my requests and left with exactly what I was after. I will definitely be coming back! Thanks girls!!! xx

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Maya S.
I'm so impressed by the girls here. Not only did they accommodate my very last minute haircut request, but they listened to exactly what I was after and were all so knowledgeable about styling! Incredibly friendly, warm, and hospitable. Reasonable prices as well. Pretty much everyone in there was a regular (and I will be now as well!) Thanks again for my amazing cut. Jess is a star :)))

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Mahéshiká Siriséna
I finally fell in love with a beauty salon in Sydney. I made a last minute booking for a make up and Mary, the lovely lady at Catwalk saved the day ❤️ She's a genius and did an awesome job with my tan skin. Thank you Mary, you are a Star!

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Sandra N
I had been to Catwalk recently it was a lovely experience..The girls are very friendly and make u feel comfortable ...Would highly recommend ....

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