What is it?

Derma Rolling, also known as Skin Needling or Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT), is a clinical treatment that uses microscopic needles to treat a variety of skin conditions ranging from pigmentation to scarring.

How does it work?

The roller contains hundreds of needles which are rolled over the skin. This results in tiny punctures being created in the epidermis and the dermis, that encourage the skin’s own natural response. As the skin reacts, tiny electrical signals are released, which create a wound healing response. Essential minerals, proteins and cell generated tissue factors are discharged, creating a regenerative process for fibroblasts (your cells which produce collagen).

Who is it for?

Derma Rolling, unlike laser resurfacing, can be used on a wider range of skin colours and backgrounds with minimal downtime. It has been designed for, and to provide scientifically proven results for the treatment and management of conditions including, but not limited to:

  • Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT)
  • Anti-ageing / Wrinkles
  • Pigmentation / Sun Damage
  • Rosacea
  • Acne / Pimples / Blackheads
  • Scarring
  • Enlarged Pores / Seborrhoea
  • Cosmetic Product Infusion

What are the benefits?

Derma Rolling provides an array of medically and clinically proven results for the treatment of individual and simultaneous skin conditions. Benefits of the treatment include –

  • stimulation of collagen
  • increased cell proliferation
  • increased cell regeneration
  • exfoliation / desquamation
  • Angiogenesis (the formation & development of capillaries)
  • Increased topical product absorption
  • Regulated pigmentation
  • Reduced appearance of rosacea
  • Reduced size of the appearance of pores
  • Reduced size of the appearance of scar tissue

What results will I see?

Results may be seen after the first treatment. Patients report a firmer, more even-toned, and more revitalised skin, with a visible decrease in the appearance of pigmentation, wrinkles, sun damage, acne, enlarged pores and scarring.

How many treatments will I need?

The numbers of treatments required depends on the clients individual skin type, and the concerns that are being targeted. You may experience anywhere between 3-8 treatments, with 6-8 week intervals between sessions.

Contraindications to the treatment-

Derma Rolling is a cosmedical device designed to deliver dramatic and long lasting results, and there are factors that must be considered before beginning a new treatment regime such as –

  • Chemical Peels ( must be done no sooner than 4 weeks either side of the treatment)
  • Microdermabrasion ( must be done no sooner than 2 weeks either side of the treatment)
  • IPL / laser / fraxel ( must be done no sooner than 4 weeks either side of the treatment)
  • Cosmetic injectables & fillers including botox, disport, juvederm etc ( must be done no sooner than 2 weeks either side of the treatment)
  • Cosmetic / Plastic Surgery ( doctors permission must be given before performing a treatment)
  • Diabetes (will need a longer recovery period after the treatment)
  • Cold sores
  • Pregnancy
  • Roaccutane / Accutane / Isotane ( must be stopped a minimum of 8-12 months before the treatment)
  • Vitamin A ( retin-A, renova, stieva-A, Retrieve) / Hydroquinone / Skin bleaching agents ( must not be used at least 4 days after treatment)
  • Cosmeceutical Topical skin care containing any active ingredients (eg. Retinol, AHA’s etc) must not be used 48hrs before or after a treatment)

If you are unsure about any of the above contraindications or have any other concerns about your skin suitability for the treatment please contact one of our technicians

 Aftercare & Recovery

Immediately following an in-clinic treatment, the skin may appear reddened, similar to that of a mild sunburn. Some clients may remain red and slightly swollen for 1-2 days after the treatment. In rare cases, there may be a slight grazing on the affected area, which should clear up after 2 days.

Clients are advised to refrain from the following activities for 48hrs after their session to ensure a quick and effective recovery-

  • excessive gym or cardio workout
  • sauna or hot spa / bath
  • solarium
  • swimming in a chlorinated pool
  • infra-red light exposure
  • spray or self tanning
  • cosmetic tattooing
  • shaving
  • waxing / electrolysis

All clients undergoing this treatment MUST be using a minimum of spf 15+ sunscreen every day to prevent hyperpigmentation, increased sun damage or unnecessary skin irritation.

Clients must avoid any of the above listed products and services following the treatment for the specified periods of time, as well as any highly perfumed cosmetics or harsh cleansing agents such as soap or alkaline foaming cleansers.

For prices please see Skin Treatment Pricelist