Face…Hair…Nails….. These are the first areas we think about when we want to look good, but what about your back??

Ever gone to put a low back dress on, and been shocked by the amount of acne and blackheads on your back?

Back acne, or ‘Bacne’, is an extremely common occurrence in both men and women. In most cases, a course of back facials will help to minimise the amount of blemishes you have, with a majority of people seeing results after just one treatment.

Upon arrival, the skin therapist will do a consultation of your skin, and tailor the treatment to best suit your skin.

The back facial, or “bacial”, may include –

  • cleansing
  • exfoliation
  • steam
  • extractions
  • clearing serums
  • hydrating boosters
  • moisturiser

If appropriate, the therapist may include Microdermabrasion in the treatment as well.

For more information on prices please see Skin Treatment Pricelist