We offer a variety of hair removal methods, according to your needs and lifestyle: Waxing, Threading and IPL Laser Hair Reduction.

Waxing is one of the most common methods of hair removal for both the face and body. At Catwalk, we use the most sensitive of wax’s, containing Titanium Dioxide, which reduces skin redness, and provides exceptional results everytime!

Threading is a quick, effective method of facial hair removal. It is much more precise than waxing, allowing the therapist to shape the perfect eyebrows for your face. Threading won’t cause any of the adverse reactions that waxing can, so it is better for anyone with a more sensitive skin type.

IPL Laser Hair Reduction is one of the best ways of achieving permanent hair reduction over the entire body. Our fast and virtually painless machine, allows you the flexibility to pop in during your lunchbreak and be back at work on time! Ask our friendly team of professionals for advice that best suits you and your lifestyle.